Traditional bridal ceremony in Taiwan

Taiwan has a wealth of exquisite bride sexy taiwanese women customs and rites. Many of the elaborate designs are intended to bind communities. Here are a few examples:

The Gift Matching Service

The matching items meeting is one of Taiwan’s most significant ceremony customs. When the newlyweds’ friends and family receive red envelopes containing money, they do so. Ordinarily, the letters feature the quantity ten, which denotes presence, along with sacred images. This indicates nice fortune and prosperity for the newlywed pair. The bride’s family had typically reach at the groom’s household with a busload of presents. A part of the couple’s relatives do greet them at their home with an older member who did open the door for them. The wife would then receive the marriage donations. Gold necklaces, dragon and phoenix candles, and tea leaves with sunflower seeds are common gifts. The couple had then consume tea from two red-tied mugs that had been tied together.

Then, they would consume nice wheat dumplings, which are said to be happy and together. Additionally, they had discuss them with their friends and neighbors. Taro cakes, egg custard cakes, and dried fruits like longans and muscadines are another goodies that guests can share at the wedding. This is a metaphorical way to bring happiness and great desires to others.

The Hui Sheng is the day’s final ritual. It occurs when the bride’s family makes sacrifices to her ancestors. Additionally, they had give the couple’s family’s bridal presents backwards to them. This shows their relatives respect and gratitude.

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