The custom of Cambodian weddings

In Cambodia, there is a stunning ceremony service. It lasts three days on average. The bride wears a variety of stunning skirts. We were thankfully invited to one of them.

In Cambodia in the past, there were a lot of arranged couples. However, today’s young newlyweds make their decisions on their own. They continue to observe classic wedding rites, though.

Family members from the groom’s aspect arrive at the couple’s home with plates of berries on the day of the ceremony. These are truly works of art because they contain countless varieties of crops!

This is a way to express their love and enjoy. They likewise make drink available to the ghosts of their ancestors on this day. In this way, they ask their ancestors to bless the bride and inform them of it.

The groom and his entourage met the girl’s parents and presented them with presents ( or dowry ) once they arrived at the bride’s home. Therefore they sat down. The bride’s community set up her seat facing southern in the middle of the place.

The few dedicates their lives to their parents in the ceremony known as” Bang Chhat Madaiy.” They thank their parents for raising them and continuing to do so. Additionally, they make a promise to esteem and taking good care of their parents. The pair drapes their relatives in golden yellow parasols during this meeting. They even hear the bride host’s talk, which serves as a reminder of this new role.

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